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Powering your business from digital development to dynamic resourcing

Staff Augmentation

Your product, your IP, your leadership, our developers.

Is your feature backlog growing faster than your current team can handle? We have experienced remote full time employees ready to step in, follow your leadership and rapidly complete your team


Managed Services

Your product, your IP, our product management, our developers.

We partner as your tech department. Our team will plan, strategize, architect and manage your product providing flexibility and resources where they are most valuable.

Web / Software / BI / Developers

Front End Developers

Mobile Developers

Quality Engineers

UI / UX Designers

Product Owner

Project Manager

Systems / DevOps

Content / Data Creators

Support Agents

Whether you need a new

web application or company

branding – we can help.

Your new team has extensive experience building enterprise web and mobile software that scales with your business in heavily regulated industries like finance, travel, and healthcare.

Native iOS, Android & Web Apps

Need to build iPhone, Android and Web apps that sync in real time with management tools and administrator automations to keep it all in check? We’ve built multiple large scale systems that have built-in video and chat communication systems, document sharing, work-flow management with custom payment and invoicing systems.

Cloud Software

Our core competency is building Software as a Service platforms and business management tools such as a custom Customer Relationship Management system. Give us your business logic diagrams and customer journeys and we will build automation workflow and decisions tree management software that help you to expand and control your business with amazing efficiency. You’ll wonder how you ever managed with spreadsheets, email threads and post-it notes.

User Experience Design

Smart software must be very easy to use. We start every project with user-centric design because it is equally important as is skillful code. Our designers are also front end developers who create product features that work smoothly on a vast number of mobile devices, with the least number of clicks, that don’t need a user manual to learn how to use. It’s the key to success.

Creative graphics and videos

Need help making presentations and videos look amazing? Our talented graphics people are available to push your materials to the next level.


A powerful brand brings a competitive advantage that’s as meaningful for your audience as it is essential for your culture and employees. We partner with Ozzmata to build strong company identities.

Quality Control

Complement your development by engaging with our quality engineering team. We design and build automated testing scripts, regressing testing, cross browser and device testing against your acceptance criteria. We expertly document everything and work closely with your developers.

Security and Cloud DevOps Expertise

Our AWS admins can perform a code audit, 3rd party security audit, report on penetration tests, or help you design and migrate your system to Amazon Web Services. We have experience with HIPAA compliance, Finance/banking and high traffic – high availability mission critical services.

Boutique Call Center

We can provide a team of call center agents to handle inbound or outbound calls focused on customer service, data collection and validation, or any other focus you require. With experience in highly regulated industries like healthcare, we have experience structuring teams to ensure you accomplish your goals.