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Turn your ideas into reality. Chromedia’s versatile tech team builds MVP’s, SaaS platforms, responsive websites, and mobile apps. All with the goal of market reception.

The Future Is Agile

We use agile project management methodologies to build digital products.

  • Discovery

    Through a series of meetings we'll interview each other to gain the best understanding of your business goals and our fit as your team. Through this process our Project Manager will guide or write User Stories to communicate the goals to the development team. Our Project Manager will also come up with the list of deliverables for you. It will be your job to collect, organize, edit, and deliver to us content for each page of the website.
  • Release Planning

    After you and our project manager have prioritized the business value of the stories, the development team will create a blueprint for a release or series of releases/phases.
  • Sprint Planning

    The development team will now break down (if necessary) the user stories included in the release to manageable chunks. Each of these sprints will last around 3-4 weeks, and will culminate in a deliverable to you. At this point, new user stories can be added, and others removed if situations or business values have changed. During planning, the team will make content needed for that sprint known to you. By the end of this planning the designers and/or developers will have a clear understanding of the User Stories within this Sprint, their assigned tasks and the amount of time and cost to complete them.
  • Sprint

    Where the rubber meets the road! The team will actually work on all the elements of your project - design, development, testing, QA, implementation, staging, and launch a workable tangible deliverable for you at the end of the sprint.
  • Demonstration

    At the end of the sprint, the team will make a presentation to you and other stakeholders about the work they have done and seek feedback on both the product and process.If the project has more than one Sprint then we then return to step 3 and begin planning for an additional Sprint, incorporating what we’ve learned through the previous sprint, incorporating all the updates to the backlog you choose to make.
  • Launch

    After all of the user stories in the backlog for a release plan have been addressed, we are ready for launch! If there are still features to be incorporated in future releases, we simply begin again at number 2 and continue working.
  • Warranty

    Your site is now live!  Over the next several weeks our team will be training you on how to manage the website and helping you solve any issues.


Agile projects center on iteration. An agile approach is inherently changeable because of the ability to re-prioritize the backlog with adaptive iterative planning, no special request mechanism is needed when those changes are made before each Sprint begins.


Is this a new project?

Are we adding new services to your existing system?



Is this work on an existing platform?

Are we fixing a project that is incomplete?



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