Spoke Health

Spoke Health is a healthcare marketplace which fundamentally changes the way healthcare is provided and paid for by insurance companies and self-insured employers. Using a personal concierge service alongside state-of-the-art custom technology, Spoke uses predictive analytics to recognize a prospective patient, develop a trusting personal relationship with the patient, and then assist the patient through the stressful process of selecting the best-fit healthcare option considering variables such as outcome based quality metrics, cost, location, and best medical practices. Behind the scenes, Spoke is at the forefront of value-based care by defining surgery bundles that span the episode of care, checking real time surgery pricing and providing telemed communication systems that integrate seamlessly as a single product.

Project Overview

Chromedia built the entire Spoke platform from beginning to present day. Spoke outsourced all of their tech needs to Chromedia. This was our third endeavor within the healthcare industry but our most complicated project to-date. Our involvement from the beginning allowed us to contemplate the effects of HIPAA compliance, security, and scalability on the architecture of the platform from the first day. Our experienced UI/UX team combined everything into a simple and intuitive user experience that makes a difficult process much easier for the patient. Our clever engineers built a platform that can accommodate surgeries, imaging, PT,  Rx, wellness, Pre-Op, and Post-Op modules and can be used as a SaaS business at the same time.

Key Services Provided

Datica and AWS System Administration

Product Ownership

System Architecture

UI/UX Design

Web Development

Mobile Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Our Approach

Hired data scientists to help decipher the big data for the analytics development

Designed secure APIs to collect electronic health data from employers and insurers

Worked with industry consultants and surgeons to create a surgery “bundle builder”

Developed a custom portal for patients with built in HIPAA compliant communication systems that included video conferencing

Built a powerful suite of admin tools for Spoke’s internal Healthcare Advocates to manage the process and care flow of their patients


  • Being part of a solution that solves a really big problem
  • Giving demos to C-level executives of well known national carriers who have worked in healthcare their entire careers and hearing them say “I’ve never seen anything like this before”


  • Building HIPAA and High Trust compliant technology
  • Working with archaic legacy healthcare systems