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September 30, 2021

6 Steps To Ace Your Job Application

Landing on your dream job in your dream company is something every applicant should take seriously. You need to do more than just clicking on shiny job vacancies, submit your application, and wish for luck. I know you have tons of reasons for wanting that particular job position, and I’m…
September 28, 2021

How Chromedia Ensures Top Quality Developers for our Clients

Putting together an effective team to develop awesome software is demanding in any environment these days. Selecting exactly the right people is critical to the success of any project but finding the right team members is a time-consuming, expensive and challenging process. Finding the right developers for your project doesn’t…
August 2, 2021

Read your Employment Contract for your life!

Here in the Philippines, we pride ourselves on being honest, trustworthy, and ethical. As such, we tend to assume the people we interact with and the companies we work for have our best interests in mind. Most of the time we rely on verbal agreements. Even when we lend money…