One Foot Production

One Foot Productions is a production company that specializes in the management and logistical planning of live television events. From the VMAs to the NBA All-Star Game, One Foot coordinates some of the largest live events on television and they use an internal system that manages the logistics and details of all the celebrity attendees and performers for these events. As a turnkey talent management provider, it’s critical to maintain a powerful, stable, and robust system that can handle the stress and rigor of a live television event.

Project Overview

When we first were approached to work with One Foot, they were working on a version of their system that had been built over 10 years previously by the founder of the company, Kevin. This version was written in Java, and had begun to fail, to the point where he wasn’t sure if they would be able to utilize it for a show in 6 weeks. They had been internally rebuilding and updating the system in Java and were about 50% of the way to completion. One Foot were looking for Chromedia to come in and complete the remaining portion of the project in order for them to use it for their event. The first thing we did was to convince them that Java was no longer the appropriate language for this service. We collaborated and came up with a plan to identify the absolutely critical items needed to begin using the software and settled on Ruby on Rails as the best fit to build the system in. With a hard deadline of 6 weeks, the team completely recreated the entire platform from scratch and succeeded in providing a system that met all of the client’s needs within the deadline. The platform was used for the event and was well received by the stakeholders. We have continued development with One Foot, building upon the base already in place, adding new features to increase the value of the product, and continually making the job of the users easier. At this point, we have moved well past the original functionality of the original platform, with plans for many more features on the horizon.

Key Services Provided

AWS System Administration

UI/UX Design

Web Development

Project Management

Quality Assurance

Our Approach

Recommended appropriate modern language in which to rebuild platform.

Worked closely with the One Foot team to identify and prioritize absolutely critical features for users in order to be able to succeed at their jobs.

Provided continual updates on progress and solicit feedback to ensure milestones were being met and timelines were on track. This communication allowed Chromedia to minimize any issues and kept One Foot involved to maintain comfort and confidence that the project would be completed on time.

Supported the system throughout the launch and during the live event in case any issues arose.

Continued to recommend best practices and developed the platform to handle additional features that the original platform never possessed.


  • This was a very exciting project to work on, in a great industry.
  • Client trusted Chromedia and provided an amazing level of autonomy on the best direction in which to drive the project.
  • Project is a fun and very interesting platform with many interesting features.


  • Hard deadline for first version meant that there was no margin for error in estimation or development speed of product. It had to get done and it had to get done on time.