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Rocket forward with a mature team

We hire only Top Talent

We are proud of our client-centric team. We have highly qualified experienced employees that have been hand recruited by our incredible Human Resources Director, Abby. Prospective employees are run through a rigorous but measurable interview process then candidates must perform on technical exams and practical tests before offered a position.


We comfortably work on enterprise scale projects that must conform with HIPAA compliance in healthcare, banking securities in financial technology, and business critical SaSS platforms. We create high quality software that scales. We deliver on time and on budget giving you a high value for your dollars spent. Let us be your reliable partner.

Office based Employees with great company culture.

All of our employees work from our office in Cebu, Philippines. We are not a collection of available freelancers, rather we are a company with full time employees who work side-by-side daily. Staff get the best benefits in the city including 100% coverage on health insurance for their family, generous paid time off, company outings and catered events.

Clear Communication is mission-critical.

Even the best remote team will quickly fail without a clear communication plan. We understand that communication is the most important component for a remote team. Daily standups, weekly updates, biweekly sprint planning/demos and quarterly status reports are part of our standard protocol. All of our employees speak fluent English.

Your time zone and office hours.

Another important component to a successful remote team is to manage multiple time zones. Philippine business hours are exactly opposite the U.S.A., but we make sure your local team and your remote team have overlapped working hours together. If you need your team to work entirely American business hours, that can also be arranged.

Fast Network and workstations.

New equipment, fast internet connections, backup power generators, backup internet providers, zoom room and hangouts conference rooms. Everything you’d expect from a global technology company.

The same tools you use.

Why the Philippines?

Filipinos have a strong work ethic, are highly educated, loyal, they deeply care about their career and they speak American English from elementary school through University. It’s a passionate culture with deep values that is willing to push back during team discussions with equitable, defensible positions. Active team participation is critical in an effective sustainable team but not all remote teams outside America are culturally-able to push back on decisions that come from leadership.

Our office is in the most desirable place to live in the country, Cebu. Cebu is the cultural capital of the Philippines. It’s home to great food, a long history, beautiful white sand beaches, mountains, city parks with 100 year old trees and a large available pool of smiling talented people. WE <3 CEBU!