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Hi there.  I’m Kevin, Scrum Master for all the teams in Chromedia.  I joined the company last June 2014.  At that moment, I have had 2 years of experience being a Scrum Master for a software development team.  In my previous company we formed the first Scrum Team and I was the first Scrum Master.  We grew to become a great team.  We were so good that we were able to grow our contract with the client to triple its original size.  The team also grew and eventually we had to split up into three teams for the project.

When I first came to Chromedia, I remembered how I started learning about Scrum and how we started as a team.  The teams in Chromedia had some organization.  They were doing standup meetings, meeting expectations and delivering products.  However there was a clear sign that people wanted a more defined process and better organization for the teams.  And so I was back to where I started as a new Scrum Master and I felt like an exciting new journey was waiting for me.  I was right!

What an incredible journey it has been so far!  I am still enjoying the ride.  I am so proud of our accomplishments:

  • we follow the Scrum framework and we are becoming more efficient in delivering work
  • we do less than 15 mins standup meetings (sometimes even with our clients); perform consistently and constantly in 2-week Sprints; have regular planning poker sessions and backlog maintenance; deliver really good sprint demos to clients
  • our people are cross-functional: able to do development, testing, QA, or design as needed
  • our people are trained users of Atlassian Tools – JIRA, JIRA Agile, JIRA Capture, Confluence

But hey, don’t just take my word for it.  Head on over to our portfolio section and see comments from our clients and the actual work that we were able to do.

I’d like to share more so watch out for future posts and learn more about how we do Scrum.  I’d like to let you know about our definition of being Agile.



Jason Coppage, Co-Founder