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November 28, 2017

Reflecting in on Chromedia’s Company Culture

The office windows have never been cleaned from the outside (at least I haven’t witnessed anything since mid-2015). That is until about a week or so ago. And boy, does it make a world of difference! As amazing as it was for us to see Spidermen descend from the top…
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May 5, 2016

Election Madness Lessons

2016 is a big year for all of us, especially on a national level. For the Philippines and the US, it’ll mark the welcome arrival of the two new heads of state. As anticipated as the outcomes are, it’s the time that leads to election day (along with the controversies,…
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August 24, 2015

Playing the Technological Game with Google, Apple, and Microsoft

In the world of technology, the name of the game is innovation, and Google, Apple, and Microsoft have been its big players. All three continue to be relevant today as their engineers, developers and designers work (and play) with existing tools and techniques to forge new ones. The future is…
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