Yippiekiyay (YKY) delivers everything a nonprofit needs to found, file, fund and grow the organization. Technology guided by a personal nonprofit expert hurdles the bureaucratic barriers so the organization can focus on it’s mission. Think cloud based “TurboTax” software that files for nonprofit status and assists organizations with annual compliance.


Chromedia LOVES this project. Not only is it a perfect match for our skill set and experience with SaaS projects but we have experienced the complexities of establishing a nonprofit in the USA and in the Philippines first hand. Not only that but the Denver based team behind Yippiekiyay have hearts of gold and a mission that is easy to get behind and work hard for.

Yippiekiyay is another organization that was introduced to Chromedia after a bad experience with an inexperienced yet expensive development team. They had a minimally functional product that was developed on an inappropriate platform with a database that was impossible to develop further. Fortunately, Yippiekiyay understood that they needed to restart from square one.

This project consists of a robust secure customer portal where the details of the organization are entered and stored, with a powerful suite of tools for the YKY Administrators who massage the data and communicate specifics with their customers. It’s a mixture of a content management system, complicated form builders, communications tools, targeted marketing platform and a community of nonprofits.

Our Approach

Take the lead role in the Product Ownership for the project

Start with wireframe concepts migrating into mockups to establish the User Experience

Define all the key requirements and use cases. Write user stories and acceptance criteria for the development team

Design the system architecture

Develop all the code, database, design and flow

Communicate with the YKY team on a daily schedule

Key Services Provided
Product Ownership
System Architecture
Project Management
Quality Assurance


  • Fun project with a lot of freedom to do what we do best.
  • Very involved and collaborative team at YKY.


  • Learning the complexities of the IRS and State compliance inconsistencies.
  • Defining the cascades of dependencies while keeping simplicity in mind.

The YKY project is in it’s early stages with Chromedia. We are currently working on our second Sprint and expect the project to continue well into Q3 or Q4 of 2014.

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