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The Pro-Health Elevator

Elevators are the main way of navigating through a corporate building. Thus it’s expected that there’s going to be a queue, but it’s usually compensated by having fast elevators and an effective queueing system. In our building though, in addition to the line, we’re also tormented with elevators that are the complete opposite of what they’re supposed to be. Some of us are discouraged by this, so instead of taking the elevator, we resort to taking the narrow stairs. The nature of our elevators force us to burn that scrumptious dinner we had just last night. Hooray for being physically fit! (Although, we mainly do it because we’re a few minutes away from getting a memo, thus we sprint like our life depends on it.)

So what happens when you actually take the elevator? This vertical transportation in the building is a bit unique because it’s a ready-made sauna. Also, the sluggish characteristic of the room makes us savor each moment. It makes us sweat and burn those calories early in the morning.

Taking the elevator has its ups and downs, but not only does it “encourage” our employees to come to the office early, it also stretches our patience, and ensures that we get to be physically fit. If you are not able to get your daily morning sweat, fret not. You’ll get it when you go to work.


The New Sentinels

I noticed before that people can enter the building wearing slippers or super casual get-ups that make you think that these people are coming here for a sleepover instead of going to work. That is until the management hired a new agency of security guards. Due to these new line of watchmen, the people who enter the building are now wearing smart attires; some are forced while some who have a sense of fashion enjoy it.


The Breathtaking Comfort Room

It’s one of the must-have rooms wherever you go, but the comfort room on our floor is starting to transform into a small community of “käkä-rōch-es”. So whenever you go and do your thing, you can’t afford to have that extra time contemplating your life. No, it makes you leave the room immediately. Meaning, less break time and more time for backlogs. The place also gives you that kind of spider-sense alertness to the surroundings, keeping an eye out for the creepy flying ones. This never fails to make me less sleepy whenever I get back from the comfort room. See? It makes us livelier and more alert employees.

Knowing myself, I’d rather just wing these situations and be optimistic about it, but if these facilities can be improved, then why are we still even talking about it?

Mark Danielle Robin