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Originally known as Healthcare Abroad, MEDtrip has been around for at least three years. It was thought up to serve patients from around the world by connecting them directly to medical institutions. At the same time, it would give these medical institutions a venue to post their services. Although several changes have happened with MEDtrip, it’s still out to serve quality connection between patients and medical institutions.


Witnessing History

I was not with Chromedia yet when MEDtrip was born. However, I was there during its infancy. I was one of their first part-time contributors and I was there when MEDtrip contributors continued to grow. Six people became part-time data contributors. The job was only seen as temporary by most of us, until I was taken in full time.

When I became a full-time data contributor, I saw how the data needed by MEDtrip continued to grow. As a result, visitors on the site continued to rise while medical institutions became keen on seeing their name on the MEDtrip list. As these positive changes happened, I wondered what the next steps were that MEDtrip was going to take.

Since MEDtrip was still an infant, there were no right tools or guidelines provided to us. Although I was taught how the website works, I was left to discover things on my own. It was wonderful knowing the ins and outs of the website, but things started to wane when expectations about its success were not being met. It was kind of terrifying and at the same time sad, because the interest of the developers handling the site started to decline until it stagnated. There were no updates going on in the website. The only new thing about it was its data and how it continued to grow.

Things took a different turn when sales people came in. It looked to be the boost MEDtrip needed in order for the site to become successful. After a year or so, website sales were not happening. The concern about its marketing surfaced. I believe a whole lot of other issues were considered as well. The project has been through some ups and downs, but we’ve seen it through.


A New Perspective

If you have visited MEDtrip lately, you may have seen a splash page indicating a shift of focus on what was once the initial product. Although it is still not crystal clear what road MEDtrip is going to take, I’ve seen people come and leave while working on this product and I think it has never gained a leverage like the one we currently have. With the recent developments, it probably got the right people it needs and the shift in direction is hopefully going to change the project’s outlook for the better.

Diane Cortes