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Overall, 2015 seems to be a good year for all of us here at Chromedia. Why? Well, just recently we managed to hire two new web developers, i.e. James Euangel Limpiado and Jafet Kim De Veyra.

I would also like to commend these two gentlemen for appearing at our doorstep at the right time and place! James and J.K. were both hired on the spot because of their well-written resumes and excellent scores during the practical exams.


Get to know these two fresh faces

James and J.K. shares the same Alma Mater. They both studied at the University of the Philippines in Visayas, Tacloban Campus, and are both proud Warays and natives of Leyte. James has a degree in Computer Science while J.K. is a student set to graduate this April 2015.

I’m also happy to announce that these two great guys are cooking some great codes on their own. Their both proud founders of “Infiniti Code Box” – a startup company specializing in web design and software development. And as the latest addition to the Chromedia family, we’re really just happy to have them around because we know that they’ll help us grab more opportunities or projects.


Abby is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the company’s human resources and facilities. Her experience in the human resources area is overshadowed only by her effervescence. Her insatiable passion for learning new things and applying social experiments in the workplace has provided her with cutting edge HR experience. The wealth of knowledge she has acquired throughout her career while leading various departments has provided her with the necessary skills she needs to take Chromedia to new heights on the domestic and international scene. In addition, Abby holds a BA in Psychology and an MBA from the University of the Philippines.