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Working for Chromedia has had a huge impact both in my personal, and professional life. These are a few of the many things that I’ve experienced at Chromedia, experiences which I am thankful for.


Grateful for No More Lucky Days

I’ve seen many differences from the usual offices. For one thing, most offices have very strict policies for their employees, especially with the work schedules.

In my previous job, for example, one minute late was equivalent to half a day’s deduction of your salary. Imagine this happening to you one day. On this “lucky day”, you might as well wait for the afternoon time-in. You make yourself busy, spending your time walking around, but while walking you’re very disappointed with the morning’s event. Because of that one minute, you miss half of your day’s living. You’re absent-minded and on this “lucky day”, you cross the street without looking and stumble into an area marked with a “no jaywalking” sign. You end up having no choice but to pay the officer, rather than attend a whole day seminar. That’s an additional expense on top of your deduction for that morning. This “lucky day” will have you wishing that you woke up one minute before your annoying alarm clock, then all of this could have been avoided.

During time-in, there’s the sight and stress of seeing people running to pick up their punch cards to hit the bundy clock before it hits 8:01am. On your lucky day, you’ll miss this scene, but you will still see everyone waiting to fall in line one minute before it turns 5:30pm.

This was my experience before Chromedia. I’m thankful that I haven’t had such a “lucky day” since I encountered our flexible time schedule, which still amazes me at how it works for us.


Technologically Grateful

In Chromedia, I’ve had to interact using different communication platforms like Google Hangouts, Slack and others. At the start I was very ignorant about these different applications and programs. I didn’t understand how to use them because I never had to use these kinds of applications before.

In my previous job, we didn’t have these tools. Communication was through personal interaction — literal interaction — wherein we had to walk to another department to ask for something we needed. Even if my profession doesn’t require technological savviness, I am still very grateful to learn new things outside my comfort zone.

Here I experienced a paperless environment. We don’t need to print more copies for safe keeping with the help of Google Drive. I was amazed at how helpful it is! I used to need to save backups of my important files from different drives on my desktop. Even if I’m using Windows (because Mac isn’t compatible with almost all government programs), I’m confident that I won’t lose any of my files because of Google Drive.


Grateful for Work and Life Lessons

It’s with Chromedia that I was able to see and understand the huge scope of my job — from start to finish of every document that I need in order to comply with various government agencies, as well as the procedures in order to comply with some of the supporting documents.

During the filing period of various government agencies, while waiting for your number to flash on the screen, you can mingle with different kinds of personalities. Some of them are just patiently waiting or playing with their phones. As expected, there are those people complaining about the slow service. It makes me wonder why they always rant about this when it’s already a fact and part of the system for various government agencies.

There is one government agency that I always visit where I need to be there early, before they give out priority numbers. They play the “Just for Laughs Gags” show on their television for people to enjoy while waiting for their turn. I can remember one of the staff from another company saying to me, “I came here yesterday, but I wasn’t served. They had me come back today. I don’t want to watch that show anymore. I’ve already memorized all the pranks from spending my whole afternoon here, waiting for my turn!” This will make your day. It will inspire you to be as responsible as they are, because even though they rant, they don’t ignore their obligations.

I’m grateful for all the knowledge that I have gained from the day I started here; as Albert Einstein quotes “The only source of knowledge is experience”.

Jociel Licay-Licay