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(or Conversations with Yourself When High on Antihistamine, Hungry for Code and Thirsty for Beer)


Warning: The author was sick and high on antihistamine while writing this.

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I recently had the chance to talk with the lead vocalist of one of the hottest (if not THE hottest) bands in the known multiverse. Setting up this interview was not easy. It requires you to gather an unquantifiable amount of Ki and let them feel that energy by channeling it to the nearest portalet, also called a portable toilet, that is squeaky clean. Here’s the full interview:

Chris from Earth1080p as:

Krissy Abunda: Hey Chris from Earth4k! Glad you were able to sense our energy and be with us right now!

Chris from Earth4k as:

Himself: Yeah, it was very faint, but my bladder was about to explode that time, so yep, here we are now.

Krissy: Blessed be that portalet!! So tell us more about your band, the type of music you play. Why do call yourselves The Chromedia Band?

Himself: It’s all out of respect for Jason, because without him, we wouldn’t know what nightclubs are. He’s the one who formed this group, so ask him why Chromedia. We typically do grunge, but recently we’re toning it down a bit. We do classical now.

Krissy: What’s your usual work process when composing?

Himself: Our work is mostly collaborative. We have a creative section that puts color into our work. We first identify the requirements of the project and from there, we do the planning and the initial design implementation.

Krissy: Huh? I’m kinda lost, but go on. Can you tell us more about your recent gigs?

Himself: Right now we’re doing a massive web app for health care. It’s like a new found brother of MEDtrip from a different mother and father. It’s made with the latest stuff for development like Typescript + ReactJS, Sass for the frontend stuff, and latest version of Symfony for the server side. We’re still in the early stages so there’s nothing too fancy yet with the algorithms and stuff. Last year we did a mobile application for stylists. It was like Facebook for hair stylists and salons. It was our first native application for Android and iOS and it had cool stuff like search, messaging, feeds and some other things for a social media app. James was very happy with this gig since the server app was in RoR. And did I mention that the search here was a beast! We used Solr and it was pretty amazing. You can incorporate your search criteria. In our case we also do search by proximity to the user.

Krissy: Wait, what?! I thought we were talking about composing music?

Himself: Ha! Do you still do musical notes on this Earth? That’s really outdated, man! That’s what our ancestors did five centuries ago! Our codes transform into melodies, the deeper you experience our apps, the more vibrant the notes you hear. Like what I said, it’s a collaborative work. We need a rockin’ and functional UI, because no matter how good the underlying structure is, it all fails if the user experience is bad. And Emman’s team has done a great job with it, and most of time their designs are easy to implement. You still following me, man?

Krissy: I guess so…

Himself: We always try to keep ourselves up to date with the current trends. Sometimes these new styles aren’t too appealing, but it doesn’t hurt to learn new stuff. What’s also good is that we’re free to give suggestions. It’s a must that the band be comfortable with each other, work as a team.

Krissy: How do you improve the bond of the team?

Himself: Lunch or dinners and sometimes we grab some beer if the powers-that-be-called-Abby feels our energy…


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Chris Velarde