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Add value for your clients and develop a new revenue stream by offering reputable offshore IT staffing and managed software development options that you can trust

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We are looking for Channel Partners

The Independent Channel Partner will be instrumental in our growth strategy. You will utilize your existing network and capabilities of building digital products and software development teams to introduce our comprehensive offshore solutions. This role is perfect for individuals looking to diversify their service offerings with cost-effective, high-quality offshore software development options.

What you do

Identify, qualify and set up meetings with target companies who have interest in Chromedia’s services. Partner agrees to participate in these meetings, prepare sales correspondence as needed, provide advice and feedback after each meeting regarding follow up and next steps with the goal of developing sales opportunities for Chromedia. Partner will continually check in with and maintain the relationship with the client.

What we do

We too will actively participate in sales meetings. Once the contract is signed, the great majority of Partner’s work is done. We will recruit and test candidates, schedule and manage candidate/client interviews/workflow, directly contract with the client, provide employees with a local manager, take care of all HR functions i.e. payroll, benefits administration, employee requests and manage day-to-day client needs/communications. We’ll send you a commission within 5 days of receiving the client’s payment.

Generous commission

Our commission structure is geared to split 1/3 Profits with you, for a full 2 years.

Current Partner Example

We have a channel partner who works with the entertainment industry in L.A. He placed 13 resources with one streaming client. This partner earns over $16,000/month in commissions from roughly $110k/month in gross sales with Chromedia. He accomplished this with maybe 10 phone calls. His client is very pleased.

Why is this a good partnership?


Quality resources

Real tested experience that you can confidently align your reputation with.

We handle everything

You just have to qualify and manage the sales cycle. Once the agreements are signed Chromedia manages 100% of the relationship, logistics, financials and back office.

A sellable price point

A Senior Lead developer for ~$75-$90/hr. Senior full stack developers for ~$65/hr. Mid level developers for as low as ~$45/hr. We’ll send you a full example rate card after our first meeting.

Diversify your income

You’ll be treated like an equal partner while we shoulder all the risk. A perfect opportunity for anyone who wants to maximize their network. We can talk about a gross commission structure if you prefer.

No stepping on toes

Keep your current domestic partnerships/job/relationships. We focus solely on high quality talent in the Philippines and won’t be a conflict of interest with your existing book of business.

Lifetime relationship

Any and all future placements or business between the Client and Chromedia will be a similar commission relationship between Partner and Chromedia regardless if Partner is involved in the new business procurement process.

Chromedia named to Clutch 100 List of Fastest-Growing Companies for 2024

Why is Chromedia the right reliable offshore partner?

  • Top 100 Fastest-Growing Companies for 2024 (Global)
  • We’ve been working with software development teams in the Philippines since 2003.
  • Experience in heavily regulated industries like Finance and Healthcare.
  • Our resources are full time employees, some with decades of experience.
  • Our recruits are rigorously tested. Learn more about our recruiting and hiring process: How Chromedia Ensures Top Quality Developers for our Clients.
  • We have less than 5% turnover, year after year. This is because we have a great culture. We treat our employees very well by paying them some of the highest salaries in the industry and we offer great benefits and perks.
  • American management.
  • Really good communication.

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