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What would be the difference between being a salaried employee vs. an independent contractor?

A salaried employee is employed in a legal entity registered under the PH government while a contractual employee is working for an entity in or outside of the Philippines without consideration of PH labor laws. Chromedia is a USA registered company, thus the relationship is as a CONTRACTOR.


How PH Employment works:

Employment with a PH company means that taxes are automatically taken from your earnings and submitted by the business on your behalf. The employer takes care of all the calculations, government payables, filing of taxes, 13th month pay, leave benefits and provides employer funded benefits. In addition to the necessary government requirements, a company can make rules that their employees must follow, hence the need for Employee Handbooks and Disciplinary Rules. You are required to perform only within the boundary of your employee contract. Basically there are a lot of Do’s and Don’ts to be followed.

How most contractors work in the PH:

A Contractor is independent, technically self employed. Since they are independent they may work how they want, when they want and where they want. A Chromedia Contractor works solely for Chromedia; they must make meetings, meet deadlines and work within the bounds of the scope of work but the company has less say so long as those objectives are met. This type of employment also doesn’t typically provide any benefits such as medical insurance, 13th month pay & paid leaves. Thus Contractors have an agreement with a company or individual wherein the payor agrees to pay the contractor for a specified scope of work at a specified date or interval. Once those funds are received by the Contractor, the Contractor self reports and self contributes to SSS, PHIC, BIR and HDMF. Contractors are responsible for those self reported incomes. Paying for government benefits is not streamlined in the Philippines. As a result many independent contractors have difficulties filing or reporting income. Contractors miss the opportunities that such benefits can provide.


How Chromedia’s Contractor positions work:

Fortunately, a contract position with Chromedia Inc. offers the best in both worlds! Freedom from company obligations, flexibility, more money, the same healthcare and leave benefits beginning on your first day of work and a hassle free way to do government payables.

  • We provide a local full time independent accountant to assist Chromedia Contractors who want assistance with government payables. She will work with each person to guide them to the right level of benefits and self reported tax obligation. If you are based in Cebu, you wouldn’t have to worry about going to these government agencies to pay SSS, PHIC and HDMF or even remember when it’s due. All the contractor has to do is to coordinate with them and make a transfer of the amount calculated by the outsourced accountant to a bank account, and she will take care of the rest.
  • We provide a full time local HR director for contractors too. She will manage typical HR functions and health reimbursements, manage performance metrics and reviews and be the point person for any contractor questions and concerns.
  • Full Healthcare Reimbursement for you, your spouse and your children
  • Paid Government Holidays
  • Paid Leave Accrual of 1 day a month (cashable after accumulating 15 days)
  • Software Reimbursement for tools you need for your job
  • Internet plan reimbursement
  • Computer Lease Program
    You may opt to buy your own new computer and we will offer a laptop/computer lease. We will divide the cost of your new computer into equal payments over 3 years and reimburse those costs to you (up to P100k) in your direct bank deposits.


You are gainfully employed by Chromedia not the clients we work with. That means you will receive regular stable paychecks from Chromedia. Pay periods are 1st-15th and 16th-end of month. As a Chromedia Contractor you will receive an international wire deposit directly to your bank account on the 5th and 20th of each month. Each payroll you will receive your Daily Rate and other applicable benefits as stated in your contract whenever applicable.

Plus we have fun. We have parties, send food vouchers, plan summer outings, xmas parties and more.


Judith Cabajar