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August 2016

Weather Woes

By | Workforce Management

The sun comes and goes, but regular rain is here to stay — for a few months, at least. Although the Philippines only has two seasons every year, you can still put the heat and rain into a number of categories. September to January are usually the colder months (not…

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Goodbye, MEDtrip?

By | Code Bytes

For the past couple of weeks, I was experiencing a sort of separation anxiety. All work on MEDtrip had stopped, and what would happen next was still vague and uncertain. The last code I did for the app was to place a modal that said: This legacy site no longer…

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MEDtrip: Shifting Perspectives

By | Perspectives

Originally known as Healthcare Abroad, MEDtrip has been around for at least three years. It was thought up to serve patients from around the world by connecting them directly to medical institutions. At the same time, it would give these medical institutions a venue to post their services. Although several…

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