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Tech workers are in great demand and the employer-employee landscape has changed for good

2020 brought unprecedented challenges for companies all over the world, and companies that already had great technology weathered last year the best and are rapidly growing. Other companies quickly recognized that their digital initiatives are the key to their future growth and are now aggressively ramping up. Digital product backlogs are growing faster than internal tech teams can keep up. It’s time for everyone to invest in more tech talent. But before you accept the competitive challenge of recruiting loyal qualified employees, consider how the concept of work itself has quickly evolved and how our work relationships have forever changed

Remote work is here to stay

The old paradigm of everyone coming into the same space 5 days a week from 8-5 is gone. It’s been replaced by workers who aren’t co-located in an office. They are using their own tools and managing their own schedule. The measure for success is no longer by their time spent at work but by their work output. We’ve learned that we don’t have to co-work in the same space 5 days a week. We don’t have to monitor our workforce to know they can generate fantastic work. We can expect better productivity while allowing our workers to manage their own time. The simplified goals that really matter now are; making it to team/client meetings on time, availability for team members, clear communication, effectively working within a remote team and having the right skills to commit quality deliverables to the repositories on time.

The line that previously was so clear between employees, contractors and outsourced workers has blurred since they are all using the same methods, tools and metrics for success. The factors that were clear in our hiring decisions just 2 years ago should not be the same today.

Outsourcing your tech is a smart business decision, now more than ever. 

Alleviate Recruitment Hassles

By choosing to outsource software development you avoid recruiting, hiring, training, and integrating new employees. Finding the right candidate is a time-consuming, expensive and challenging process. The right outsourcing partner can help you get rid of the worry entirely because they have the right experience to build your team and to make accurate judgments of what skills are required for your constantly changing specific needs.

Manage Risks

Going through the effort and expense of hiring full-time developers, covering their cost for months only to find it’s not working can be harmful or even catastrophic to a business. The risks with finding the right talent can be incredibly difficult for a startup or SMB trying a new formula for bringing successful products to market. Mitigate those risks by working with an outsourced team that has established a streamlined project management, access to highly effective engineers and a proven track record in creating successful applications.

Increase Speed, Velocity and Flexibility

It can be quicker and easier to match outsourced professionals with the unique and specific skills to fit the projects or products that need to get done first. Perhaps the greatest advantage to outsourcing is the flexibility to quickly scale up or down a specialized development team based on your needs and budget at the time. Resource scalability will help you manage peak workloads or supercharge your speed to market. 

Reduce Costs

In addition to avoiding the risky costs of recruiting, hiring and training of employees, companies who outsource will not be paying directly for employee benefits, employment taxes, workers’ compensation policies, office space or the operational costs to manage it all. Hiring only the skills you need at the moment you need them provides substantial cost savings for companies.

Improve Quality

By outsourcing you will benefit from your partners’ strong development cycle management. Their experience will allow them to identify the big picture and address challenges early on. Access to part-time Quality Engineers who can create automated, regression and manual acceptance testing are the key to success. 

Leverage More Services

Access to outside expertise will give you the opportunity to push boundaries and foster innovation. Update for compliance, commission a security audit, make your platform available on more devices and/or provide 24 hour services.

Have the best of both worlds

NO reason you have to decide between one or the other. Your current internal team knows your business best but there are times you are running up to a deadline or need to push new features. Outsourcing gives you the ability to augment your current technology team with members that will integrate with your internal team.

Focus on the core of your business

IT can drain your business resources. Leave the technology cutting edge to a partner who does IT all the time. Free up your internal resources, focus on your go-to-market strategy. Stay nimble, competitive and efficient. 

If you’re interested in how Chromedia can help supercharge your product development, let’s talk.


Jason Coppage, Co-Founder