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Project Requirements – Limiting the Scope

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So! You have a project and have made the decision to work with an outsourcing partner to do the development. But before you can even consider finding a partner to work with, there are some critical steps to take to help in that search. Doing your preparation will help reduce the time it takes to find a good partner, reduce the time to get going, and reduce the overall duration and cost of the project. Limiting the scope of your project is the first step in a successful project.

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When you first begin contacting potential partners, the first thing they’ll likely ask for is a description of the project. Detail your ideas ahead of time of the work that needs to be done to make it easier for your partner to give a more accurate estimate. It will also make it easier  to work with you on identifying any potential gaps in thinking that you may have overlooked. You don’t have to define every single item that will need to be built for this project, but if you do, it won’t be wasted effort! However, you need to document a series of criteria that are limiting in scope and that a developer can use to make reasonable assumptions about the overall project. This should be a list of all the major features you want in the product, along with anything that makes these features unique or unusual. Additionally, sometimes knowing what the project isn’t can be very helpful in framing the boundaries in the scope you’re defining. So if you know that there are things you don’t want the project to do, make that clear either in discussion or in your documentation.

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