Tech Development and Digital Strategy

We help Startups START!

Chromedia™ builds quality yet cost-effective web and mobile products.
We have an established office and development team in the Philippines who simply are the BEST!
Our experienced and dedicated team gives us full control over the development process.

Our services

  • Development
  • Web and Mobile Design
  • App Design
  • User Interface Design
  • Database Development
  • Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copywriting
  • Analytics
  • Business Messaging
  • Technology
  • Custom enterprise solutions
  • iOS / Android
  • eCommerce
  • Content Management Systems: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal
  • SalesForce and CRM integrations

Who we work with

  • MEDTRIP is a directory that specializes in Medical Tourism, or the process of individuals traveling outside their local market for healthcare. We developed the entire site from UI and UX design, through the custom database and hosting. They also developed targeted, appropriate SEO campaigns and continue to develop original content for’s news portal.


    We partnered with the winner of a startup weekend to build a local product. WaitKnowMore is a queue management system that allows customers to join a queue and be notified via SMS when they are close to being served. We built the site from the ground up, designing and developing the lobby Android application for number assignment and lobby display, the client and admin facing portal, and the algorithms for estimating wait times and calculating SMS send times.


    We were brought in to take an idea into production by designing all of the User Interface and User Experience content for Fuelsy. By working closely with our clients, we were able to deliver a product that exceeded their expectations in a time period that was less than they were planning for.

Why Chromedia?

Project Management

By owning the office in the Philippines and only hiring experienced full-time talent, we are able to maintain incredible control and quality throughout all stages of a project. Through integration of AGILE Project Management practices and years of experience, we have developed efficient, effective ways to collaborate remotely with our team and clients. Daily communication with the team is easy through video chat and face to face meetings with representatives in Colorado.

Tools we use daily:

  • Google Hangout
  • gDocs
  • TargetProcess
  • inVision

How we communicate:

  • Daily Standup Meetings via video conferencing during evening hours Denver time (10-15 min. quick update)
  • Daily updates via comment threads on InVision (wireframes and design) and/or TargetProcess (development)
  • Collateral collection via Google Drive and GDocs for image repositories and copywriting
  • Sprint Retrospectives to constructively learn how to work better and more efficiently for each phase of deadlines


Leveraging both American management with a top-notch outsourced team, we are able to provide incredible oversight and local communication with clients while also operating at hourly rates far below local development shops. These savings allow our clients to save money and accelerate development.

Available and Central Team!

Chromedia is founded and run by a couple of Denver-based entrepreneurs, who have founded and run multiple companies, so we love working with startups. We know the difficulties and issues associated with bringing products to market. Which is why if you are looking for an MVP partner Chromedia is a great match. Our local team leaders can meet with you and help you understand the roadblocks and hurdles that may be looming before beginning the development process. By advising you on the proper preparation, the development process can proceed as smoothly and cost-effectively as possible.

“A great product is only as good as the Digital Strategy that follows...”

Do you have the next great idea?

Just need a way to make it happen? Why not work with Chromedia? ‘Why should I partner with Chromedia?’, you might be wondering. What a phenomenal question! Chromedia will not only give you the access to a whole host of talent and skills, but will also give you ability to make your idea into a reality. Just think, in the very near future, you could be a captain of industry, sailing the high seas of business in the mighty fleet that is Chromedia!

Our mission is to unravel the brilliance of the future from the Gordian Knot of the present. Through a commitment to old-school service and attention to detail, as well as a born-global philosophy, Chromedia™ nurtures small, rough, unpolished ideas into solid, silvery, chrome-plated objects of tomorrowland. Our focus on internal development, capped salary multipliers, and ethical reviews help Chromedia™ make decisions that are fair, ethical, and ensure wealth and opportunities for all members of the organization.


Jason CoppageCo-founder



Jason has been building Internet businesses for over 15 years. He co-founded in 1998, established an Asian support office in 2004 and sold the business in early 2012. Before that, Jason worked in the world of television producing a nightly show for PBS. He was VJ on a music video show and interviewed indie bands of the 80′s & 90′s. He also worked for Animal Planet, Encore-Starz! and Pay-Per-View events. Jason traveled the world and lived in Asia for over 10 years. He bounces between Colorado and Asia with his wife and 3 daughters. Jason likes to mountain bike, restore vintage Vespa scooters and listen to “Groove Salad” from Tron lives.

Greg MogabCo-founder



Greg got his start on the stage in the glamorous world of musical theater (no, really). He then moved from the world of the limelight to the realm of business, garnering himself an MBA in the process. After working with multiple non-profits to develop strategies for success and sustainability, he uprooted his life and moved to London, where he lived for two years.

When Greg isn’t joyfully skipping through the fields of happiness he calls Chromedia, he enjoys traveling, playing soccer and boardgames (no, really).

Hazel CaballeroProject Manager



Hazel manages the technical development processes for Chromedia. Before joining the team, she was a Project Manager for where she spent 5 years managing various web projects. When not in front of her computer, Hazel is a mom, food photography enthusiast and a travel magazine editor.

Allejo Chris VelardeSenior Lead Developer



The typical tech guy, Chris gets a kick out of getting his team together on a challenge. No matter how cliché it sounds, Chris finds fulfillment in being able to create efficient systems. He loves playing video games and usually rewards himself with a weekly dose of beer with his friends.

Harold ModestoSenior Programmer



If not for a donated PC back in college Harold would have ended up a mechanical engineer. Now he spends most of his time engineering software and monkeying around with his three boys. When bored playing video games, he rereads the first chapters of SICP.

Adelbert SillaSenior Programmer



As a kid, Bert dreamed of becoming a scientist or astronaut. Several years in school made him realize his dreams had to pivot, so he took up Computer Science instead – thinking that will make him a computer ‘scientist’. He now enjoys being a programmer and spends his weekends with his wife and daughter.


Abby CincoHR/Admin Officer



Weird and a puzzle addict (aside from a psychic)- that’s what they usually call her. Abby is usually fond of solving puzzles and eager to be challenged in things she hasn’t tried yet. During weekends, she is usually at home sleeping, eating, and playing around with her brothers.

Kimberly DamlaniWeb Content Supervisor



Kimberly speaks, proofreads and writes articles for several clients and projects. After studying Development Communication, she found her passion in writing for the Web and never looked back. Besides being a word nerd, she spends most of her time watching “rom-com” flicks, reading books, hanging out with like-minded friends, and losing her mind to Indie music.

Emman CalabrosoCreative Designer



Besides geek things like computers and gadgets, Emman loves to play sports. On his leisure time, he would often lounge around eating grub while watching Travel Channel. If not, spend time with his lovable pets. He owns a dog named Yoko, a pair of goldfishes, a red-eared turtle, and a couple of flightless ducks which he visits every now and then in the province.

Hannah PanaresCreative Designer



Hannah is a fine arts graduate with a degree in painting but her passion with computers land her in the field of graphics and web designing — from artistic real paints to computer graphics and coded designs!


Marina OliverioOffice Assistant


Marina is the early bird of Chromedia. The best person to ask when it comes to supplies and office equipment. She finds the best way to save up on resources at the same time look for quality. As silent as she could be, she’s a good cook.

What Chromedia and Chromedia Joe are NOT about ~

While we have a decidedly retro theme we wish not to simplify nor glorify the 1950’s - 1970’s. We treasure the futuristic thinking of our heroes of those decades but we are grateful for the civil and environmental advancement that has benefited all people in society. We look forward to a future when all races, genders, sexual orientations and religions can live in a borderless, tolerant clean and natural world.

1.  A style of work that involves a shared space, often bringing together workers from different organizations, allowing for collaboration and sharing of ideas, and increasing the productivity of all workers.
2.  A social gathering of independent workers that share values, interests, and community to the betterment of all participants.

Chromedia is proud to offer co-working space in its Cebu office.  We are combining the community and comfiness of a coffee shop with the efficiency and capabilities of an office.  If you are an independent worker, a solo operation, a small group, or just telecommute and are lonely and don't want to stay at home, co-working at Chromedia could be just the ticket you've been looking for.  Co-workers with Chromedia will get access to a place to work, the internet, printing services, coffee and snacks, and conference spaces.


In addition, you will be joining one of Cebu's most up-and-coming communities of technophiles and webheads, people who would just love to chat about ideas, tech, food, art, and life.  We also plan to have events (meetups, hangouts, talks, lectures, classes) that members of the community can attend to hone a skill, or learn a new one, or just get a drink with interesting people!  If you're interested, click the little button below and send us a note.  We love to meet new people, and can give you all the details.


Finally, sponsorhips are available (if very limited), so if you really want to be a part of our community, but can't spare the cash, contact us and we'll see what we can do.  At the very least, we'll add you to the list, so you can find out about any events we may have!

  • ✓ Ample Space at a community table
  • ✓ Broadband Internet
  • ✓ Coffee and Snacks
  • ✓ Print Access
  • ✓ Access to conference room
  • ✓ Monday to Friday | 8am - 6pm
  • Daily: 450 PHP
  • Weekly: 2,000 PHP
  • Monthly: 6,500 PHP

For inquiries please CLICK HERE to contact us.



Chromedia™ offers you an opportunity to grow as a person and professional through training and skills development programs, travel opportunities and VERY cool projects that give you a challenging yet exciting career.


We provide competitive salaries, a comprehensive benefits package and “the works” because we believe that excited and satisfied team members accomplish goals. Our incentive system ties you into the company’s success – if our projects are successful, so are you! We are creating a spacious, interesting and unique working environment because we recognize that creative thinking does not happen in a boring cubicle.


So how do you know if you are right for Chromedia? We want people who are interested in being a dreamer of the future at Chromedia! We are looking for hard-working and talented tech geeks to join our unique and diverse team. We seek individuals who crave an adventure with technology. Are you a revolutionary thinker?


If you want to see the future of tomorrow by sharing your creativity and initiative today – do send us your résumé and complete the Online Application.


    CATEGORY: // Career

    We need someone that can sell a ketchup popsicle to an Eskimo in white gloves. Someone who can’t help convincing others of things. Someone who loves to chat, and schmooze, and sell. Someone who wakes up in the morning, drinks gasoline, burps fire, and just knows that they’re amazing. We want someone that loves other people’s money, and wants to make it theirs. Key Responsibilities: ■  Sell – call, email, knock, stalk, tweet, like, favorite, beg, flirt. Whatever you need. ■  Maintaining superb accounts to keep clients happy ■  Manage 1-3 Sales Associates in your team ■  Researching new business ■  Excellent writing commiskills ■…

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    CATEGORY: // Career, UI/Graphic Designer

    Are you tired of the SLOPPY code Dreamweaver creates? Do you want to push your web design to the next level? We are looking for candidates with a great eye for design and colors who are interested in hand-coding CSS and learning how to build systems with amazing User Experiences. Description The role of the UI Web Designer is to be active in the creative aspects of the functional and user interface design for a project. The UI Web Designer will also focus on aesthetics and visual design for a website creating interesting, simple, smart and pleasing graphic designs (K.I.S.S.) in balance with highly functional…

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    CATEGORY: // Career

    Medical Content Editor Description:  We are looking for part-time medical content editors, preferably medical or nursing students or recent graduates, who can research and perform data entry of global health care provider data or medical specialty and medical treatment data. Job position will work from Monday to Friday, 6pm to 10pm. Key Responsibilities: Content Creation: ■  As part of the content creation team, responsible for the research and creation of content ranging from data entry for hospital/clinic profiles, doctor profiles and medical treatment information. ■  Responsible for researching and verifying accuracy of information and language in all works generated. ■  Utilize consistent style and voice…

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Chromedia™ is a website development and mobile application startup with members collaborating from around the globe. We are a US-registered corporation with offices in Colorado, USA and a Philippine SEC approved subsidiary in Cebu.

Address // 7050 West Custer Avenue
Lakewood, Colorado 80226 U.S.A.

US Office: // 720.257.5277
US Fax: 720.230.5431

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