Culture, People and Chromedia

By | Workforce Management

One of the Biggest Decision we face in our lives is whether to WALK OUT of our comfort zone and step into something new or STAY where things have always been great and comfortable. Either way, we’ll wonder if we’re making a good decision. I never really understood the phrase…

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Returning to the Fold

By | Perspectives

When I started at Chromedia I had a hard time catching up with the latest technology trends and things related to programming — as I had taken a break from coding and focused on dancing before taking the job. I’ve always loved programming so when I decided that I wanted…

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UI and UX

By | Code Bytes

“Let’s make this button pale red, centered, and CAPITALIZED, as well as apply shadow.” vs. “Do we even need this button?” Let’s talk UI and UX Since the beginning of time, we have been changing things based on how we can use them to achieve maximum productivity with minimum effort….

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