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Mign Yap

Product Owner

Mign has been bouncing around the digital industry since 2011, dabbling in online marketing, pay-per-click advertising, and content creation. With digital marketing as her jumping-off point, she has since switched lanes into web and software development.


She now works with a team of web developers, quality assurance testers, and content creators, serving as their scrum master and sometime proxy product owner. Coupled with an affinity for the sensible and flexible planning characterized by Scrum, her communication and general soft skills are at the core of the moves and power combos she unleashes to help her teammates during sprints.


When she’s not overseeing a project and the team, Mign enjoys (1) watching shows on Netflix, (2) taking naps, and (3) listing things — books to read and stuff to add to her online cart. When left alone, she tries to read, draw, and move more. She loves good food and equally good (or better) company! She also secretly appreciates getting dragged out of her hermit cave to go on trips or just hang out with people other than herself.

Why I love what I do

I love working with a team of like-minded individuals and having the opportunity to keep improving. Regardless of the environment I’m in or the interest I’m pursuing, I consider myself a person/professional-in-training, as I find I’m always learning something new whether about the process, the team or people I’m with, and myself.

“Always strive to be the best version of yourself.” – Mign