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John Diño

Software Engineer

As a computer science graduate, John is fond of the mechanisms behind how a computer does what it does, as well as the concepts that are created around it.

“I’m amazed with algorithms, and hope to either create ones that are efficient, or to improve those that are already existing. I like how logical everything is in the computing world. It amazes me that computers can do almost anything fathomable (with the help of the programmers, of course) in spite of only understanding high and low electrical signals.”

When not fascinated with all things tech, John likes to create and appreciate videos, film, and other forms of mostly visual art. He also likes to play computer games in his spare time.

Why I love what I do

I love what I do because it exercises my mind through challenges that I encounter, by solving problems and creating designs. I also enjoy seeing results and the output of my work. I like how I can improve myself and my future work through the processes I’ve undergone from these endeavors. It’s also a bonus when people appreciate the things you’ve worked for.

“Don’t be lazy. Be efficiently lazy.”

− John