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Jayvee Valdez

Software Engineer

Jayvee started coding when he was in highschool. He finished a short course, Software Development in ICOT-P where he learned HTML, SQL, CSS, Javascript, JAVA, JSP, and more things about programming. After the course, his teachers asked him to join them in their new project where he further learned how to use Ruby, RubyOnRails, and MongoDB.

Jayvee loves watching tutorials on Youtube, listening to music, reading books, playing computer games, dancing, and engaging in other sports activities.

Why he loves what he does

Inside the computer is an alternate universe where magic works. Jayvee can write a program in this world, where it’s just words on paper. Inside the computer, however, it does something — it works. There is something strange and wonderful about being able to do that.

“You never learn anything by doing it right.”

− JayV