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Jay Frumencio De Jesus

Software Engineer

Jay started programming when he entered college. While in the university, most of his programming experiences were on Java, but he has also experienced using other programming languages such as C, Ruby, Php, and Python. During his internship, his experiences revolved on a research and development type of work where he worked on implementing Delay Tolerant Networking (DTN) and mobile application development. Currently, he is constantly learning and exploring Symfony, React, and web development here in Chromedia.

Influenced by his internship and thesis, Jay has gained interest in thinking how things would turn out if they are to be implemented using DTN. Other than that, he enjoys watching documentaries, anime, and movies. He is also fond of listening to music of different genres and languages.

Why I love what I do?

I enjoy learning new things, be it related to programming, other technologies and approaches, or anything. Here in Chromedia, I have these opportunities to learn and improve my skills in different fields, especially problem solving, technological, and personal skills. I love what I do because I’m having fun with my work and it helps me build myself up to be better in various aspects. The working environment is also great for someone who has just started in this industry, and the people are very approachable and helpful which made it easier for me to quickly adapt to their environment.

“Failure is the road to success. Make your own failures. Make your own road.”

– Jay