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Jason Coppage


Jason began his career in television production, working for networks like PBS, Starz!, Encore, and Animal Planet. He had a summer stint on-air as a music video VJ, interviewing famous alternative bands but preferred to work behind the camera, or in the edit suite.

As video technology was migrating from analog to digital there was also this new thing called the World Wide Web. Jason saw a new golden era of mass communications and changed careers to be a part of the dot com boom of the mid-late 90’s. In Jason’s 20+ years of building digital products, he’s worn every hat from business owner to graphic designer to coder. His passion is building a successful user experience. Jason oversees some of Chromedia’s larger projects and is active in the day-to-day operations of the company.

Jason traveled the world and lived in Asia for over 10 years. He bounces between Colorado and Asia with his wife and 3 daughters. Jason likes to mountain bike, glamp in his Airstream travel trailer, restore vintage Vespa scooters, listen to “Groove Salad” from SOMAFM, and philosophize how androids dream of electric sheep.

Why I love what I do?

“Personal lives have a tremendous effect on professional performance and development. Doing business globally, we have learned to be sensitive to cultures where the personal relationships matter more than the professional relationship.” – J