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Greg Mogab


Greg wandered other paths before arriving at his true home. He first got his start on the stage in the glamorous world of musical theater. Later on, he moved from the world of limelight to the realm of business, garnering himself an MBA in the process. Then, after working with multiple non-profits to develop strategies for success and sustainability, he uprooted his life and moved to London, where he lived for two years. Until finally, he found his obsession in combining business leadership with good old-fashioned geek smart.

At present, he is gladly skipping through the fields of happiness he calls Chromedia – a digital production firm that specializes in creating products for small to medium technology enterprises, which he co-founded with Jason. There, he found his tribe and his purpose.

Why I love what I do?

“Every day, I get to work with people running the whole range of development. From the entrepreneur with the idea, to the designer translating that idea into a visual masterpiece- working with our developers to find solutions to complex problems, creating useful products that help accomplish real goals, it’s very rewarding.”