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Emman Calabroso

Senior Designer

Emman is a web designer with a passion for art and technology. For six years now, his intuitive skills have helped both well established and startup companies take their ideas from sticky notes and whiteboards, to fully developed, functional products. In his current role at Chromedia, Emman is the go-to guy when it comes to graphic design, site architecture development, web flow diagram, mockup rendering, or anything pixel-related.

Besides geek things like computers and gadgets, Emman loves to play sports. In his leisure time, he often lounges around eating grub while watching Travel Channel. Otherwise, he spends time with his lovable pets.

Why he loves what he does

Emman believes that design can be summed up as the challenge of making things simple. He enjoys being able to simplify issues, which people face in day-to-day life: from paper coffee cup designs to the typography of street signs. He believes that every brand has a story to tell. So, with knowledge of HTML, CSS, WordPress and JavaScript, he is always open to helping businesses articulate their stories through corporate branding, packaging, visual marketing and more.

“The company’s focus on simple, aesthetic and intuitive designs would still make it my first choice as company to work under, just like I chose when I first started in my design career.”