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Diane Cortes

Quality Control

Diane is always exploring fresh content or curating new stories. While making an effort to give clients quality content, she also makes sure our digital products are working as expected. In her current role, she handles quality control as well as the data research and creation of content needed for projects.

When her nose isn’t stuck in a book, she’s with friends, watching good movies, listening to music, or worrying about her cats and dogs.

Why she loves what she does

Fascinated by all things literary, Diane spends far too much time reading books and writing stories. So, at one point, she realized that it was about time to turn her interests and hobbies into a meaningful career. Eventually, she found her niche, having her work published in several websites.

When her role at Chromedia evolved to cover quality control, she found she enjoyed checking digital products while assessing their capabilities, ensuring they’re free of errors, and emphasizing a good user experience.

More than enjoying the thrill of the job, Diane enjoys the culture Chromedia has to offer. Chromedia believes in treating each other like family. This culture is apparent in how everyone in the company treats one another which is a rare thing to see in a work setting.

“Be kind to animals. OR I’LL KILL YOU!”

− D