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Arthur Baduyen

Web Designer

On a mission to learn new things, Arthur is always keen to absorb new knowledge to satisfy his curiosity. During his college years, he developed a knack for learning things related to programming, graphic design, animation, game development, and more.

On most days, he is either an artist or a logical thinker who is always antsy to share bits and pieces of graphic and web development information to his friends. If he’s not busy surfing the interwebs for articles related to graphic design and web development, he’s busy daydreaming about his next travel destination or adventure.

Arthur considers life as a book. He believes that if you don’t travel, you only get to read life’s first page. As a serial wanderlust, he’s constantly exploring mountains, caves, river, waterfalls, or beaches to satisfy his craving for adventure. If he’s not busy being the creative guy at work, he’s surfing the web to read articles on what other people are developing, or discovering whatever big is happening in the tech scene.

“If curiosity killed the cat, it was satisfaction that brought it back.”

− Arthur