WaitKnowMore (WKM) is a cloud based simple queue management SaaS platform with SMS integration. It’s targeted for developing countries but could easily find a good use in the western world. It’s founded by the Chromedia team in the Philippines. It solves a real problem in the daily life of Filipinos where they wait in long lines everyday. The solution has generated great interest in the startup scene in the Philippines.

For the system to reach a critical mass of customers we had to operate on the lowest common denominator in the developing world, simple mobile phones with SMS. The management portal for merchants needed to work with existing hardware and be extremely simple to set up and operate. WKM gives the merchants a web based portal where they can manage the numbers of employees, service windows and queue types and operate the lines.

Our Approach

Merchant portal giving the business owner the ability to set up types of queues, windows and assign employees

Configurable Lobby Display allowing the merchant to point a monitor or web enabled TV to a secure URL. NO special software or hardware is needed.

Android APP created to act as the Kiosk interface. It’s connects directly, or wirelessly to a receipt printer which prints the queue number and expected wait time.

Sophisticated algorithms to accurately calculate the estimated wait times based on historical data and live results for the day.

Automatic SMS messaging to the customers announcing queue updates and a notice when it’s close to their turn.

Hyper targeted SMS advertising platform.

Key Services Provided
Product Ownership
System Architecture
Project Management
Marketing and SEO
Quality Assurance


  • Analytical reports of customer data for the merchants.
  • Natively ties into Loyalty Programs.


  • Convincing Filipino merchants that “Customer Service” is important to their business.
  • Interfacing with the mobile phone companies for the SMS integration in a country where there are no accessible APIs.
  • Intermittent internet access in some of our merchant locations.

The platform is in private Beta. We are operating in select merchants and testing before we go into full public launch sometime this summer. We’ve been approach for funding in Manila through a Mobile Phone Company incubator but we are exploring all options before deciding a partner. The next stages are to market in the major cities in the Philippines and create a consumer iOS and Android APP that allows the customers to join queues and view live queue updates.

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